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Cranberry Lime Refresher (Refined Sugar Free)

Yields3 ServingsPrep Time10 minsTotal Time10 mins

This is such a bright and refreshing seasonal drink. Cranberries contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit and they pair well with all citrus. Most drinks like this call for making a simple syrup which is loaded with refined sugars. I recommend raw honey, maple syrup, grape nectar, and coconut nectar as they work well as a sugar replacement in beverages (you can use liquid stevia however I find it alters the taste a litte). I suggest straining the juice through a cheesecloth or through a yogurt straining bag. I highly recommend the Ellies best "Bigger Better Greek Yogurt Strainer Bag" as it works flawlessly to strain the initial cranberry lime mixture removing some of the pulp and cranberry skin. You can find yours at, use code "rocksanddirt" for 10 % off your entire order. If you make extra of this store it in the fridge in a sealed glass jar and shake well before serving. Since cranberries are naturally very low in carbohydrates this drink (minus the alcohol) if made with a KETO approved liquid sweetener is KETO friendly!

 ½ cup fresh or frozen cranberries
 2 limes, peels removed, reserving a 1 inch square section of peel You can also use other citrus fruit in this such as lemon or oranges/clementines
 2 ½ cups filtered water620 ml
 3 -4 tbsp raw honey45-60 ml
 fresh cranberries (4 per drink)
 fresh rosemary as garnish (optional)
 ice (optional)
 clear spirts such as botanical gin or vodka (optional)
 tonic or sugar free spritzer or sparkling water (optional)

Remove peels on limes, citrus fruit, leaving about 1 inch section of citrus peel intact. Remove the bitter white spongey (pith) part of the inner peel. Put the cranberries, whole limes, peel and water in a high speed blender and whir until smooth about 2 minutes. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth, yogurt strainer bag or a fine meshed sieve over a medium bowl. Pour the strained juice back into the blender and add honey or preferred sweetener and blend for another 20 seconds or so. Pour into a glass mason jar.


Serve the drink as is or with a flavoured sugar free spritzer, sparkling water or serve with clear spirit of your choice, such as a vodka or botanical gin. If you serve this with alcohol the ratio would be 1 part of alcohol, 1 part of tonic to 2 parts cranberry lime juice. Serve with ice if desired and garnish with rosemary. Add about 4 cranberries to each serving and enjoy the sour punch that they give to the drink as you bite into them.

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Serving Size 1 glass

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