Kimberley Pearson

Kimberley Pearson

I grew up on Vancouver Island and have fond memories, as a child and teenager, baking and cooking with two of the best home cooks I have ever known, my Mum and my Grandma. Formal culinary training, my career as an early childhood educator, and living throughout Northern Europe and North America has greatly influenced my cuisine. But what has influenced my cooking and baking the most is my lifelong struggle with digestive issues, food allergies, and being diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses. When I discovered that the food I so loved to cook, bake – and eat – was exacerbating my health issues, I began to experiment with new ways of baking. This was the beginning of my 20 year journey with the goal of creating foods that I could enjoy eating again. Though I was using non traditional, healthy and unrefined ingredients, I knew in order to be truly successful and satisfied, I wouldn’t be able to compromise on taste and texture. In the end my goal is to create food that I love to eat.

I love creating new recipes on a daily basis – I just can’t help myself! I now call Camano Island, Washington home along with my husband Barak (who is an amazing taste tester) and my Welsh terrier Duncan (who is also amazing but a wee bit mischievous.).


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Camano Island, Washington State