5 Tips For Perfect Soups

Dec 9, 2020 | Tips and Tricks

  1. Add the fresh herbs whole. There is flavour in the stem as well that will infuse into your broth, plus it’s much easier and less messy. The fresh herbs will mostly fall off the stem during cooking and when you are about to serve the soup just remove the stems.
  2. Don’t add all the vegetables at the beginning of cooking. For instance, carrots and other root vegetables will get mushy if you over-cook them. So allow the soup to come to a boil and then add them. Celery takes longer to cook than carrots so you can add your celery near the beginning of cooking after sautéing the onions or leeks. Any green leafy vegetables (I.e kale, spinach, chard etc..) should be added just before serving. Kale takes longer to cook so it will need a few more minutes whereas other greens should be added minutes before serving. You want them to retain their bright green colour.
  3. Add any noodles at the very end of cooking. So if your pasta takes 7 minutes to cook add it right before serving to prevent overcooked noodles.


  1. Make extra. Soup is one of the easiest meals to freeze and it freezes well, perfect for popping out of the freezer for lunches or weeknight dinners.
  2. Make sure you sauté your onion, leeks and garlic first. This will mellow the flavours in the onion making them sweet. Adding raw onions without sautéing such as is often done in slow cooker recipes makes for a a strong unpleasant taste due to the pungency of components found in raw onions. You only need to sauté the garlic for a minute or two before adding the broth/stock. Overcooked garlic has an unpleasant taste plus you are losing all the health benefits by overcooking.