Featured Recipe for January

Triple Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites (Paleo Vegan Nut-Free & Keto option)



Sometimes you just want to eat a whole lot of cookie dough (believe me, I have and still do) but eating lots of raw dough isn’t the best for us health wise. These triple chocolate cookie dough bites will satisfy that craving but in a much healthier way. They are made with 85 % cocoa dark chocolate, a little bit of dairy free white chocolate and a little chopped coconut sugar sweetened chocolate bar (Dr Bronner’s Salted Dark Chocolate) but you can use whatever mixture of chocolate or chocolate chips you wish. If you use keto chocolate chips and sweetener then these are KETO friendly. These are healthy enough to be enjoyed as a grab and go breakfast or snack or pop them in a little container for a weekend excursion or hike. These keep best in the fridge but are fine if they are left out they will just soften a little.

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